Tips to Drops of Life

If you read something you feel you have heard before, don’t stop there. Allow yourself to invite an experience to your life that will demonstrate this distinction to you so you can know it. You might also find it useful to explain that distinction to someone else and see what you learn. The best learning occurs when you can take the information contained in the raindrop and change it to make it your own.

At times you will read something you do not connect to or do not understand. When that occurs just skip over the information. It is not important or relevant to you at this time. You might come back to it at a later time when you are more ready for it, or you might not ever need it at all.

Take one tip and practice it for a week. Each drop carries its own energy—allow yourself to feel it and take some of the deep meaning from it.

Enjoy this blog and have fun by “getting wet.”


Steven Ringelstein
June 2010

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