Ways to Read the Drops

There are several ways to read this blog:

The Focused Way
The blog will be loosely organized by topic. If you are interested in a particular topic then find your way among those posts. The best way to know what topic to start with is to ask yourself what’s on your mind and let the first topic or issue be your guide. Your intuition will connect with the topic and if you allow the knowledge inside each drop to work with you, they will touch you in ways you cannot imagine now.

The Impatient Way
If you live your life at a fast pace like me, you’ll want to read as much as you want to, starting at the beginning and then take large blocks of time to reflect on what you’ve retained. This is a blog that requires time for thought after reading. Warning: If you jump to read it all without creating the time to experience the wisdom in each drop of life you will be missing what this blog is all about. It will be like walking in the rain without ever getting wet. You will miss all the fun!

The Spontaneous Way
Once a day open the blog to any post that you randomly choose and allow the drop of life sentence to be your focus of awareness for the day. Or, at the end of the day, read a random post and write your thoughts in a journal.

Allow these distinctions to be like raindrops. Let them fall from the sky without knowing when which one will hit you. When a raindrop touches you, accept its gift to you, let it touch you in a gentle way and let it continue to drip over you finding its way to your home.

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