Experience Drops of Life

Is this book about reaching enlightenment?
I am the first to admit that I don’t know what enlightenment is! I’m not sure I’ve experienced it myself. What I have experienced so far is that everything changes all the time. There is no state of being or place to get to that is not bound to change. You might experience a moment out of time that seems to stand still but the moment you reflect on what you experienced or attach a name to it, you have already moved to the next moment.

My aim in life is to experience more moments of awareness and increase their frequency in order to create a lifeline of moments of joy, ease and happiness. Would I ever be in that space all the time? No, because that would mean that things would stop constantly changing and that would mean the end of this human life I love to live.

How can you experience this blog?
Drops of life are available for everyone to experience. Only a few people have the privilege to do it. This privilege does not comes with money, education, or status in society although it helps when you have all of these basic needs satisfied to allow the peace of mind to become aware of everything else. The only thing that is necessary to allow the experience of the drops of life is a choice that you must make. You must want to connect to them.

Once you make this choice, the second order of business is to set aside time and space for you to begin your journey. Since most people do not have time for anything above and beyond what is already a part of their busy lives, you must make a plan to daily set aside 10 or 20 minutes of time to just be. Yes, to just sit or lie and be silent and still. This practice will naturally grow to a lot more over time. The amount of time you will allow yourself to experience your being will be in direct proportion to the frequency of moments in which you will experience the drops of your life.

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