Simple Purity

“The simple purity and beauty of puppy dogs remind us of when we were babies: walking on four legs, drooling, rolling on our backs, giving unconditional love and not worrying about tomorrow.”

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Why Play Small?

“Love it all, why play small? If you learn to love what you don’t like, you expand your playground.”

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Sailboat of Your Relationship

If you are the wind that propels the sailboat of your relationship, consider becoming the boat that is propelled by the wind.

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In Love With Her

It is amazing to be the first man to tell a woman you are in love with her but even more remarkable to be the last.

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A Little Dot

When you look at planet earth in the infinite universe it is just a little dot. It is only when you dive to the details of the little dot that you begin to discover life. Imagine the person you love as a dot that is waiting to be seen as planet earth, and you will discover an entire world in one person.

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Love Like…

Love like you will never get hurt. When you get hurt, love yourself for allowing it.

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Friends or Lovers?

If two people in a relationship cannot be friends because they want more, then they must be lovers.

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Dream Lover

Everyone would love to have a dream lover—the perfect person to live with. The only problem is that everyone else will be dreaming of your dream lover too.

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Worship Anyone Who Can…

Worship anyone who can surprise your palate, spontaneously touch your heart and notice something about you that you have not seen before.

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Dangerous Game

The most dangerous game in life is trying to have the whole world love you when you fail to love yourself.

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