Last Words

May my last words be: “It is an honor to die by your side and to have lived in your heart.”

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Leaving My Mark

Looking back on my life I would like to say that I walked the earth without leaving my mark on the land, but leaving it in people hearts.

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Witness From Above

To witness from above your funeral and hear someone say: “The moments I shared with him/her were the best moments in my life,” will be the true measure of your life.

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Funeral arrangements tend to confuse me: bury or cremate? How does one know what they want after they die when they spent a lifetime learning that everything they thought they wanted was not it?

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Question After Death

It is a delicate question of how one wants their body to be handled after death but it is a question that can only be answered before death.

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Looking Forward

I am looking forward to the kiss that will be the end of life as I know it.

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My Death

When I die I want my eyes to be closed and my heart to be open and to be witnessed by the person who loves me the most.

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Relationship With Our Bodies

Through our lifetime, the relationship with our bodies changes from disrespectful and reckless to grateful, and ultimately we love it so much that we have hard time of letting it go.

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Life Defined

“Life cannot be defined without the existence of death, yet we are dying to define everything as our life depends on it.”

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