“You cannot change your environment. Its limitations will become your spiritual limitations. Allow these limitations to inspire you by finding some element of safety you need to feel in order to fully express your potential.”

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Change Your Life

What do you take a stand for? This is a question that will change your life once answered. A new way of being will be created, and a new set of actions will begin moving you forward.

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Changing The World

When I think of changing the world I think of big speeches, books, TV and big public leaders. But I discovered that the world changes for the better if I simply listen and witness others in their journey. Nothing else is needed.

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Cannot Change

The things you cannot change end up changing you.

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Rely on Change

No matter how heavy you feel, how stuck you might think you are, how reluctant to move you are, rely on change. Remember that everything is moving in its own rhythm. Think of pouring honey out of a jar. You can shake it all you want or simply hold it upside down and allow it to come out on its own terms.

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Noticing Change

We notice change in relation to what remains constant. When things are changing at the same pace they appear constant to the things that change slower or faster. Noticing the change that appears constant requires a higher level of consciousness. Imagine looking at the mirror and seeing your face changing just like you see when you compare yourself to older photos and you will begin to see not only who you are but also who you are constantly becoming.

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Constantly Changing

Anything or anyone that seems to be the same after a while is an illusion to cover up the loss of your interest. All thing and beings are constantly changing.

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