Become Part of the Flow

If each drop of rain were a small piece of knowledge, everyone would see how it is beyond comprehension to fully understand it all. Some seekers of knowledge might be willing to assume that they already know it all even if they lack the deep ability to see it in the many distinct types of knowing there are in the world.

This blog, Drops of Life, is a collection of knowledge distinctions written in just a few sentences each. They are what I’ve learned in the course of my life. I have always been fascinated with distinctions because they allow me to examine details in the foreground while setting the rest of the world in the background. This methodology of learning has opened my eyes to see what was invisible to the naked eye. Being able to see what is invisible is a miracle to me. I would like to share it with you in this blog.

When I write about this miracle I am not describing some supernatural power that I have to move objects with my eyes or to force a reality to happen according to my needs. I am talking about an awareness level that is required to see the miracles that are already all around you and eventually to see the miracle that you are.

These distinctions in life are the ability to see how everything is connected to everything else. We live in a cause-and-effect reality between our inner energetic realm and our outer physical one. Knowing the distinctions I’ve described in this blog as they relate to your own experience is to know your deepest self.

Seeing the distinctions in life is the first step towards living them. Your mind will open the possibility for them to exist and it will be the beginning of your experience. Consider that experiencing the distinctions is important for your evolution into a higher state of being.

The survival of a raindrop is based on its willingness to connect to other raindrops to roll on top of each other and create a flow. A single and disconnected raindrop will soon evaporate and disappear. I invite you to become part of the flow by sharing all the raindrops your life is composed of with the rest of us. It is likely that these drops of life will create other new ones you’ll to become aware of. I invite you to share them on as they will help connect us all in the same way that raindrops eventually flow into and become the ocean.


Steven Ringelstein
June 2010

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