About Steven Ringelstein

Steven Ringelstein, MBA is the CEO of The Business Gym, LLC. He is an executive coach with over 30 years of leadership, business and consulting experience. He is dedicated to creating extraordinary business and leadership results. Steven helps his clients step into their personal power to increase individual and organizational impact. He has coached hundreds of clients at the CEO level and their management teams to entrepreneurs leading high growth businesses.

Steven worked as a CEO in several high tech manufacturing companies. He also commanded leadership positions in marketing, sales and operations. Steven has a wealth of experience in how to powerfully lead an organization with limited resources to create remarkable results. His clients say that he is a unique executive coach because he has the practical experience of having walked in their shoes. He created simple models that his clients successfully use to maximize their potential as business leaders. He has been featured in several newspaper articles and on ABC and NBC news for his international business accomplishments.

Steven has both business leadership expertise and political leadership experience as well. He served in the Israeli Air Force, and within the political arena in Washington D.C. and New York as a diplomat for the Department of Defense. He is passionate about facilitating peaceful business and capitalizing on political relationships.

Clients Steven has worked with include Fortune 500 companies such as: Canon Japan, Honda, New York Life, Morgan Stanley, General Motors / Delphi, Autoliv, Moen, Talley Defense Industries, Motorola, Intesys, Kimberly Clark, Rubbermaid, Raytheon, Ford Aerospace, Talley Defense Systems, McDonnell Douglas, General Dynamics, Olin, GE, Intel, Microchip, and many more. Steven worked directly with the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and various U.S. military logistics centers around the world.

Steven believes in helping non-profit organizations such as Make A Wish Foundation for children with cancer, and Fresh Start, which supports local women and children. He has organized several fundraisers and special events to allow business owners to participate in their communities with a greater sense of purpose.

Teaching and speaking come naturally to Steven. He uses his expertise to teach leadership and international business at Thunderbird – the Garvin School of international management, Western International University, and Motorola University. He is also a speaker and a facilitator of executive and team building events.

Steven earned an MBA and MIM from Thunderbird the Garvin School of International Management, which has ranked as the top-rated university in International Business by U.S. News and World Report for 15 consecutive years. He has a BBA in International Marketing & Management from The City of New York University. Steven also trained in coaching, using the models of Coach U University, an International Federation Coaching Certified school and Coach Lab University. He was also trained in Defense, Security and Cost and Price Analysis at the U.S. Department of Defense and the Israeli Air-Force Academy.

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