Trust in Yourself

“Start with trust in yourself for then you will discover trust in others.”

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Repeated Lessons

“When you repeat the same mistake again, congratulate yourself. You are ready to learn at the next level—a deeper lesson. Beating yourself up for it would delay your lesson.”

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Make Room

“You must let go of what you already know to make room for what you need to know today.”

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Ask Permission

“Do not help anyone without first asking their permission, and do not expect to be helped without asking.”

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Sailboat of Your Relationship

If you are the wind that propels the sailboat of your relationship, consider becoming the boat that is propelled by the wind.

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Consult Your Spirit

When you consult your spirit with a question, listen for an answer that comes in a feeling, not a thought. The mind, or ego, can trick you in to believing you are consulting your spirit but you might be consulting your fears instead.

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What You Know

You only miss what you know. If you limit yourself to what you know you will also miss what you don’t know.

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Live Without Regret

It takes practice and skill to live without regret.

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Lies are wishes about the past. Dreams are wishes about the future.

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Life’s Details

Life’s details make more sense when you step away in order to get some perspective before you deal with them.

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