Loving Witness

Dogs never stop noticing you; therefore they become your loving witness. Who do you love that needs to be noticed by you?

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Emotional Liability

Every time you hurt someone, you take out a loan. It will have to be paid back but until then it will remain as an emotional liability.

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Change Your Life

What do you take a stand for? This is a question that will change your life once answered. A new way of being will be created, and a new set of actions will begin moving you forward.

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Enhance Your Life

If your lungs represent your ability to inhale life and your stomach to digest life, then you can enhance your life by allowing your body to do its own work.

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Witnessing Phenomena

Galaxies are too vast to comprehend by the human mind, as is the complexity of our bodies. The real beauty lies in witnessing these phenomena and for what they are, rather than understanding them.

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My advice to you is that you stop judging, comparing, disqualifying, advising and being disconnected so you will be able to start loving, listening, witnessing and being. Is this too much to ask?

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Scars are the roadmap to the soul, thoughts are the mind map to process yourself and your emotions are the clues you follow to discover it all.

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Two Questions

There are two questions of guidance to ask each day. Where will love take me today? How can I get out of the way?

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The Wrong Person

When you are married to the wrong person it is like being in jail. People who are married to the wrong person are giving themselves a life sentence.

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Trying to Prove

When individuals are trying to prove their greatness or evilness it is because no one believes them.

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