Obstacles are only there to increase your potential. If you let an obstacle stop you, a kind of death occurs.

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Secret Garden

If you want to see someone’s secret garden, ask to see it. If you are given permission, be willing to journey through the obstacles to see it. Then be open and share your own secret garden with them.

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Your Luggage

Don’t let your luggage define your travel destination or your language define who you are.

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Bridge Between The Spirit and Body

The bridge between the spirit and the human body is a bridge of unconditional acceptance. The body accepts the totality of the powerful spirit while the spirit accepts the limitations of the small body. This kind of unconditional acceptance allows one to experience unconditional love.

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You Are The Master of Your Galaxy

You are the master of your galaxy. Every cell in your body is a star, every organ is a planet and the space in between is glued together with your invisible spirit.

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Love Yourself So Much

When you love yourself so much until you cannot take it anymore the self dissolves into everyone else and so does your love.

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Witness From Above

To witness from above your funeral and hear someone say: “The moments I shared with him/her were the best moments in my life,” will be the true measure of your life.

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Find What You Are Looking For

Find the motor of your soul and you will find everything else you were looking for.

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Pure and Simple

No love is as pure and simple as is the love of food.

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What Is Important?

If you don’t know what is really important to you, look at your actions.

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