Two Ways To Your Destination

There are two ways to any destination: short and difficult or long and easy. If you focus on the destination, you will choose the short way. If you focus on the journey, you will choose the long way. Both ways will lead you to the same destination, but who you are going to be when you get there will not be the same.

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Who Are You?

If you are wondering who you are it might be that you have been acting like someone else long enough to forget who you are and have no one else around you to remind you.

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Love From Afar

Love from afar can be painful unless one can be at all places at once, a quality reserved for the angels but also available to the conscious one.

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Human Misunderstandings

Most human misunderstandings occur when the conversation is limited to the human condition, the duality and the limitation of language. It is wiser at times to ask normal, human-level questions but receive spirit-level answers. The questions are expressed in thoughts and words, the answers expressed in feelings of knowingness.

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The Story We Tell

Life at times is empty and other times full but the story we tell about our lives is always meaningless compared to life itself.

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Laugh Until You Cry

When you laugh until you cry you have managed to squeeze the juice out of life.

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Faith Is Not Imagination

Seeing is believing. Feeling is knowing. Touching is the proof that faith is not a matter of imagination but of manifestation.

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Loved First

Women do not want to be understood first. They want to be loved first.

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Life Is A Twisted Game

Life is a twisted game of hide and seek in which we hope to lose. We hide, but when we lose and get found by a person who loves us as we are, we win.

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Your True Voice

Singing is when your true voice speaks from your heart. Singing comes from your soul. Imagine singing what you are about to say, especially if it is an important message.

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