Ask Them Questions

When someone asks you a question they are revealing to you the questions that they want to answer for you. See how excited they get when you ask them their own questions. Really listen to them and watch their excitement grow.

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Noticing Change

We notice change in relation to what remains constant. When things are changing at the same pace they appear constant to the things that change slower or faster. Noticing the change that appears constant requires a higher level of consciousness. Imagine looking at the mirror and seeing your face changing just like you see when you compare yourself to older photos and you will begin to see not only who you are but also who you are constantly becoming.

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Ladders To Climb

People don’t need leaders to follow. They need ladders to climb on their own.

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Experience Love

One does not need to define or understand anything to experience love, but when love is not experienced, definitions, thoughts, opinions and judgments will often take its place.

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When a baby is ready to be born not even the mother can postpone the arrival. Nor can you postpone your creations.

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Funeral arrangements tend to confuse me: bury or cremate? How does one know what they want after they die when they spent a lifetime learning that everything they thought they wanted was not it?

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Another’s Heart

Eat with passion, touch with desire, dance with an attitude, sing like an angel and play the drums in a way that the only beat you miss is that of another’s heart.

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Talked About

I find worse than being talked about is not being talked about at all.

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Sun and Moon

From the sun’s point of view it is always shining. From the moon’s point of view it is always receiving and reflecting the sunlight. From our point of view they are taking turns in who gets to shine and when. Our souls are always shining, our physical bodies are always receiving and reflecting our soul’s light, but from our point of view we maybe feel like shining like the full moon only once a month.

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Ultimate Love

The ultimate love expressed is in the face of adversity.

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