Experiencing Eternity

Experiencing eternity does not require death or life beyond humanity. It requires love.

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Behind Any Problem

Behind any problem on a program or a project, there is a sour relationship that caused it.

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Constantly Changing

Anything or anyone that seems to be the same after a while is an illusion to cover up the loss of your interest. All thing and beings are constantly changing.

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Flow of Time

Building a dam against the flow of time will only accelerate the flow and never stop the time. Allowing the flow to erupt will initially create acceleration but then when it flows, it would feel like time is standing still.

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It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late to make a fool of yourself.

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Missing Someone

When you miss someone, time seems to freeze and love seems to be painful. Feeling all of that demonstrates how much you really love yourself.

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If Everyone Knew

If everyone knew what everyone said about each other there wouldn’t be any friends in the world.

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Feeling Safe

If the size of your home is the size of your perceived protection you need from nature, how much space does one need to feel safe?

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Two Kinds of People

The world is divided into two kinds of people: the living and the longing. The doing or the talking, the experiencing or the avoiding, the playing and the sitting on the bench. You have to be in both camps before this division will truly disappear.

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Living Life

No suffering or sacrifice is required in living life. You can choose play or you can choose to suffer and give your power away.

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