Learn to Learn

Anyone can learn if they know how. If they don’t, learning can become an enemy.

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Action Taken

What counts more than having the last word is the first action taken.

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What Keeps Me Happy

I am never comfortable. That is what keeps me alive. But I am always appreciative and that is what keeps me happy.

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True Desire

A true desire is spontaneous and unconditional. Otherwise, you might be motivated by someone else’s desire.

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Our Desires

Our desires for love, intimacy and mastery of life are lifelong requests that can take longer if you block your own way.

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Personal Responsibility

Demanding that others be personally responsible is not your responsibility. That is why it is called “personal responsibility.”

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Don’t Step on Love

Don’t step over love to pick up pride and guilt. What would that trade be worth in a year or twenty?

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Creation vs. Destruction

Destruction occurs much faster than the creation process only to allow the next creation to emerge sooner.

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Valued Creations

Your creations could be valued when created and even treasured more after your death but if not valued at all how can one tell you where here?

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Gifts from The Universe

When you allow yourself to receive the gifts of the universe 90 percent of the time, only 10 percent of your time will be required for action. This requires a miracle and allows you to let go of expected outcomes.

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