Not Looking

“Those who are happy are not looking for happiness because they are able to see that it is already there.”

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Intentions Without Words

“Words are valuable because of the intention behind them but intentions without words are like souls without a body.”

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Too Many Words

“When someone takes 50 words to say something that could be said in 10 words, that person is probably not honest.”

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Condensed Messages

“It takes hours to condense your message to minutes, but it is on your clock. If you speak for hours, no one would listen.”

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What’s the Point

“If what you have to say doesn’t have a point, then what’s the point in saying it unless you are only looking for attention? In that case you are better off to just ask for attention.”

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Saying What’s Important

“Saying everything on your mind will take a lifetime, but saying what’s important will only take a minute, if you really think it through.”

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Better Not Said

“Some things are better not said, and even better not thought, but if you can’t help it, may God help you.”

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Protecting You

“When your friend lies to you, it is not to hurt you. They think they are protecting you by telling you what you want to hear.”

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To the Rescue

“No one wants to look ugly or stupid and that’s where lying comes to the rescue.”

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Black and White

“Dogs can only see in black and white but can perceive much more. People can perceive all colors yet they choose to see in black and white. Who is more conscious?”

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