“Your soul doesn’t need a purpose for your life but your ego does. The ego, or your mind, needs to have a reason to get up in the morning and do something to justify its existence. Does your body need a reason to keep you alive?”

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3 thoughts on “Reasons”

  1. Steve, my answer is No. The body does not need a reason to be alive… it is the mind (ego) that keeps the body alive and not the opposite. SO, does getting rid of the ego mean committing suicide? I guess the challenge is for the mind to control the ego and not let the ego control the mind.

    1. I don’t think the mind keeps the body alive. The mind gets a free ride from the body, using it to justify its separations fantasies. Suicide will rid you of ego but I am sure there are less painful ways. xoxo

  2. I would recommend My Stroke of Insight; it talks about ego and the body and how the body functions still without ego. Would ego be a part of the left hemisphere of the brain or right? Maybe both sides? After reading the book, I believe the ego is a tool, but not all of what makes up the mind. And the mind uses the body to experience this world on the physical and emotional levels.

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