Spectrum of Duality

“Everything we experience is relative to the spectrum of duality of good and bad except for love, which is the bridge to all other dimensions including the one we transition to when we die.”

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Still Time

“We think that time never stands still but if it did, how would we know?”

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Hiding Secrets

“What if the destiny of hiding something is to have it discovered at a later time? If you do not want your secrets to be discovered then don’t have any in the first place.”

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Business Bubbles

“If you look at bubbles in a Jacuzzi tub you will see small, medium and large bubbles forming and popping. The longest living bubbles before they pop are the ones that keep merging or connecting to other bubbles but split before they get too big. If the bubbles represent your business what would give more pop to your business?”

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House Design

“In our childhood we design the house we will be living in for the rest of our lives. Over time we begin believing that our identity is the house we live in, unless we remember that we are the architects who can design a new house any time we want.”

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Google God

“When you Google the word ‘God’ it takes 0.19 of a second to produce 339 million pages of shared information. How fast is it when you connect directly with God through thought, prayer or meditation?”

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Natural Power

“Everyone has natural power to access the spiritual realm, inner truths and to perceive the unseen. One must learn to be aware of these gifts.”

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Collective Consciousness

“Collective consciousness is taking all of your thoughts and awareness and sharing it with everyone else while everyone else is doing it at the same time. A primitive way to experience collective consciousness is by using the Internet. An evolved way is to try to understand God.”

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“It takes very little light to eliminate darkness, but a lot of darkness to cover up the light. When it seems that your light is too small to make a difference, remember it is more than enough.”

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“Focus is the ability to bring one thing to the foreground while leaving the rest in the background. If you have hard time focusing rest assured that you will not miss anything. It will wait for you in the background until you choose to focus on it.”

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