“Most people are ashamed of appearing nude although they aren’t ashamed when looking at someone else who is undressed.”

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Anger Therapy

“The same words used to express anger, frustration, and disgust could become a turn-on when used in the act of sex. If anger can be sexy maybe prostitution should be legalized into a form of therapy.”

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“Everyone is whoring themselves for something and that would make us all illegal at least in this country. That explains why we hate to admit it.”

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Priceless Fears

“Intimacy can never be bought because it is never for sale. This makes your fears priceless. That is why you still hold on to them.”

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True Deception

“In a world where every spoken word is true and deception does not exist the human race would suffocate. But this statement may be a lie.”

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Loving Witness

“The best way to love someone is to be a loving witness and to resist offering advice.”

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Witness Required

“When a raindrop is born in the sunlight, a rainbow appears as a witness. When someone is murdered in the dark, police look for a witness. Life and death both require a witness. Without one, no one would know you were here.”

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Endless Mindless

“If you are suffering from endless, mindless conversations, imagine what life would be like if you used the other 95 percent of your brain.”

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Claim Privilege

“Everyone has a story to tell, a book to write and a signature to leave behind in the world, but very few claim this privilege as their own. Imagine a birthday gift that you always carry around but never get to open.”

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Movies and Dreams

“Movies are the closest things to dreams while we are awake. If you like to watch movies, you must like to dream.”

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