Pretending to Listen

Pretending to listen while thinking of what to say, or simply hearing what others are saying without responding are not as fulfilling to the speaker as letting the speaker know what you heard. If they keep repeating themselves you must be practicing the first two options.

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Listen to Complaints

“There are more people who complain than those who want to listen. Next time you hear a complaint, please listen! That will ensure that the complainer will not have to repeat it many more times to others.”

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Communication Without Words

“Communication without words is like the sound of raindrops kissing flowers with open petals.”

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“All human conflict can be blamed on the limitations of language. No war started without the presence of misunderstandings or ended with an agreement about the misunderstandings.”

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Limited Communication

“Communication that is limited to verbal language is like a boat without a sail. Although it might float in the ocean, it will never reach its full potential or destination.”

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Invest in Communication

“We have invested heavily in our communication technology and developed it to the point that we communicate so much more, but actually say very little. It’s time to equally invest in the ways people actually communicate with one another.”

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Angel Communicators

“In the past people who talked with angels were called witches and were burned to death. Today the same people who communicate with angels are called angel communicators and are put on a pedestal. If this is an example of how we learned to love what we feared, we have hope.”

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“Today we refer to angels as an acceptable way for adults to have imaginary friends. If you can imagine fear why not imagine an angel?”

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“The problem with patience is that we tend to want to have it right now.”

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When You Cannot See

“When the clouds are covering the sky and you can’t see the sun it does not mean the sun is not there. When you feel lost and can’t see your path it doesn’t mean you are lost, you are on a path awaiting illumination.”

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