“To be able to accept the totality of your own brilliance you need to be comfortable in the totality of your own darkness.”

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Love Yourself First

“Your love for others would not mean a thing if you haven’t learned to love yourself first. Would you eat in a restaurant where the cook and employees would not touch their own food?”

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Blame Lack of Love

“When you don’t get back the love that you give others, it is easier to blame their lack of love than to become vulnerable enough to receive it.”

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Living Without Love

“If you are older and living without love you probably feel like a good wine that is still waiting for someone to open the bottle. If you are younger without love you probably feel like milk with a short expiration date.”

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Expressing Love

“When a cow is expressing her love in producing milk and a bee is expressing her love in producing honey, they live their life in their purpose.”

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Individual Qualities

“The quality of an aged wine is an inspiration to young milk. The quality of freshness and energy of the young milk, gives life to the older wine. Although the wine and milk would never mix together and have different expiration dates, to each other they could mean the world. It is because they can share their individual qualities but not lose who they are.”

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Flavor of Friendship

“When milk becomes friends with chocolate they form chocolate milk. When eggs, flour and milk become friends they form dough. When all these ingredients become friends they form a chocolate cake. The flavor of your destiny depends on your friendships.”

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Initiating Connection

“Initiating a connection requires taking the risk of rejection. Responding to an initiation bears the risk of not liking the connection and having to disengage. The ones who took such risks might have broken hearts but the others will never know love.”

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Intimacy Without Vulnerability

“Intimacy without vulnerability is like coffee without a mug. The coffee will grow cold and bitter in the pot until no mug will ever want to hold it.”

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Good Friendship

“A good friendship requires a connection beyond initial perception and compatibility. If this connection is made, invest the time it takes to explore and discover all the attributes of this friend.”

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