Mixing Need with Want

“Feeding a thirsty body or watering a hungry one is like mixing what you need with what you want. To know the difference is to live well. To not know is to struggle.”

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4 thoughts on “Mixing Need with Want”

  1. Love the photos! You are soooooo handsome. I miss your love and humor. I gave a demonstration speech at CHATS on Monday. I demonstrated a ‘core energy meditation’ technique that connects your mind, heart and body centers. I’ve been using this technique myself every morning to effectively manage my stress and experience some balance in my life. The audience loved the experience; and motivated many to return to their meditation practice. I also won Best Speaker Award. It was such fun.

    It is really HOT here. Joe and I are heading to the beach in Florida next week to visit our son, granddaughters and family.

    Enjoy your summer.

    Love, Patricia

  2. It is very important to be able to distinguish between what you feel in your heart (your intution), what you see (on the surface) and how to express yourself without hurting others and still be able to maintain a good relationship if it is with friends or family members.

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