“Making a commitment is easier when made for a short period of time. It becomes more difficult when made for a longer period and even might be impossible when one gives it eternal qualities.”

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Lack of Action

“Lack of action rarely happens because of not knowing what to do. Lack of action shows fear that the action might actually do something.”

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Manifesting Good Ideas

“Anyone can come up with good ideas but manifesting them is what determines if they are good.”

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Experience Raindrops

“To experience a raindrop one must get wet. To experience life, one must not walk between the raindrops.”

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Closed Door

“When the door is closed one might walk around it. That is determination. Another will take it off the hinges. That is stubbornness.”

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“Life is a mystery to all and the refusal to accept it as such is a mystery to me.”

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Named Identity

“Everything in nature has its identity with or without a name and mostly without a name. Those that have names usually have one or two of them but people use three names and sometimes more. This can explain why so many are confused about knowing who they are.”

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Life Defined

“Life cannot be defined without the existence of death, yet we are dying to define everything as our life depends on it.”

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In God’s Eyes

“When I look in your eyes I see God. When you look in your eyes do you see God? In God’s image you were created and when God looks in His eyes he sees you as His inspiration.”

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“When you look in the mirror you see the opposite reflection of yourself but you accept the image as the self. When you look at others as your mirror and you say, ‘I am not like them,’ remember what the opposite reflection of yourself looks like and accept them.”

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