Know Your Habits

“Know your habits to know your identity. A person without habits is like a house without a frame.”

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Why Bother?

“Old habits are boring, changing habits are challenging, creating new ones is difficult, so why bother having habits at all?”

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Bad Habits

“Bad habits are the ones you have not accepted yet. Once accepted, they are just habits.”

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Knowing Is Not Enough

“Knowing what’s not good for you is not enough to know to avoid it. Find something else to inspire you.”

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Dangerous Choices

“Soda is the number one selling drink in the world although it is poisonous to human health. This can explain why so many people make dangerous choices even though they know better.”

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Family Magnets

“Families are like magnets, with the ability to attract and/or repel its members simultaneously. When you accept the polarity, this defines the quality of your family.”

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“True friendships are like gravity because they make you stick around.”

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