“Peanuts don’t grow on trees, but all other nuts do. That explains why there are so many of them around and fewer in the ground.”

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“A couch transforms anyone who sits on it for too long into a coach potato. A hot seat transforms anyone who sits on it for long into a leader. One is comfortable; the other is ecstatic.”

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“The belief that you can fly, even with small wings, allows you to soar.”

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Grounded and Predictable

“Four-legged creatures are more grounded than two-legged ones and therefore are more predictable.”

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Adventure and Travel

“Life on the edge can be called adventure for the risk-minded, and exploratory for the traveler. Adventure and travel are both a thrill to experience but are not for everyone. Risk is for people who are interested in living.”

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Purpose of Education

“We spend our lifetime learning in the school of Earth but when we graduate we go somewhere else. The purpose of education is not to get a good job but to simply enjoy the process of learning.”

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“We are born and die helpless. In between, we spend a lifetime trying to understand it.”

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Simple Purity

“The simple purity and beauty of puppy dogs remind us of when we were babies: walking on four legs, drooling, rolling on our backs, giving unconditional love and not worrying about tomorrow.”

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“A smile lights up the world, and a lit world makes others smile.”

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Conversation Dance

“A conversation is a like a dance: it takes two, but one has to lead and the other must follow. A good conversation is one that people do in fluid motion.”

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